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My name is Amy. I was born in downtown Manhattan and have lived there all my life. Currently, I attend Friends Seminary, a small Quaker School in the Gramercy area of Manhattan. My parents are native New Yorkers too. My father was born and raised on the Upper East Side and my mother is from Queens. Our family tree is rooted in Romania, Poland, and Russia.

My parents have always encouraged me to take advantage of the resources that New York City provides. Living in New York City has given me the opportunity to explore many different cultures as well as learn more about my own. Besides working at Youth Insights, I participate in events oriented toward Jewish teens at the Sol Goldman YMHA. I also have the chance to experience many different types of art. Visual art, art history, and foreign languages, are some of my main interests. I work in paint and video and I love to incorporate my love of languages into my artwork. Working at the Whitney, I've encountered many artists who enjoy exploring the same themes as I do. My favorite artists are Joseph Kosuth, Agnes Martin, and Brice Marden. Each of these artists speaks about linguistic communication and how it differs from visual communication in their art pieces.

The most important part of Youth Insights to me is being able to learn through my peers about art forms and cultures that I wouldn't have normally been interested in. While I learn a lot from my own independent research, I always learn the most from other people recounting their own experiences and sharing their own thoughts. Before I came to Youth Insights, I thought about museums as places for looking and observing. Now I think of them as centers of communication.