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Hey, my name is Adam. I go to The Dalton School in Manhattan, and live in the West Village. I was born and raised in the city, and have lived on the Lower West Side for my entire life. I love the diversity and energy of my neighborhood, and would be happy living there for the rest of my life. I'm a bit of a mutt when it comes to ethnicity. My mother's family is from Belgium and is Jewish, while my father's family is very Italian.

My interests lie for the most part in the arts. I concentrate mostly in printmaking and painting, but also enjoy working in other mediums. I find that expressing myself creatively is very therapeutic. I also enjoy theater and film, although only as a spectator since I lack any kind of skill when it comes to drama. My favorite thing about any art is that it provides a kind of escape from the world and an outlet for emotions.

Another great thing about art is that everyone takes something different away from it, and there is no correct way to see something. I still remember what turned me on to art when I was younger. I thought I had made a mistake on some juvenile art project I was working on, and my art teacher, Linda, told me that there are never any mistakes in art. Even though now I know this isn't always true, her words made me comfortable enough to pursue my interests without fear of failure. It's really hard to think of my favorite American artist, but I know that one of my favorites is Elizabeth Murray. I love the way she works on shaped canvases in order to enhance the form, and also the sheer size of the pieces and vivid colors draw the viewer into a completely different world.

The Youth Insights program at the Whitney is a wonderful experience. I've been able to meet such a nice and diverse group of kids from all over New York, and have been having so much fun with all of them. I love working with young children, which is another reason why I enjoy the Whitney so much. Events like Family Day have been so much fun, getting to meet little kids so eager to have fun with art. I don't have much experience working with senior citizens, but I think it is important to reach out to this often ignored and fast-growing community.

Last summer I was in Slovakia working with underprivileged Roma children (better known throughout the world as Gypsies), which was an amazing learning experience and also a great opportunity to see a part of the world I had never been exposed to before. Even though there was a rather looming language barrier between the children and me, the pure amount of energy young children have, their openness and willingness to meet new people and be exposed to new things, is unbelievably refreshing. I have no idea what I'll be doing a couple of years from now. All I can say is that hopefully I'll be doing something that has to do with the arts, and hopefully I will also still be in touch with everyone from Youth Insights.