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My name is William. I was born in the Dominican Republic. Being raised in New York and living in Manhattan has given me a free attitude when it comes to expressing myself. As a Latino, I strive for achievement in life. The fact that I can succeed and become my own person is very exciting to me.

I'm very interested in the arts. I intend to become a performer involved in music and acting. Accounting is also something I'd like to do. My education is extremely important, so college is definitely in my plans. I feel that art is something natural, whether you paint, sculpt, draw, sing, or act. It is something that comes from inside, it's a way of expression and liberation.

So far, Youth Insights has given me a sense of responsibility, a kind of learning experience that is not your basic scholarly education. It's very cool to come in and share with so many people. I enjoy working with all age groups, but adults are more opinionated than kids are when they talk about art. As for artists, they bring something unique to the table, whether it's style, technique, or even personal values and morals. Each artist has an individual identity. I try to figure out what that is and see if it's something I identify and agree with.

I hope that three years from now I have a good life doing what I like to do, surrounded by the best people. I also hope that I can look back and see this experience as a learning stop on the journey toward what I will have become.