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Hi, I am Shahrina, and I attend high school in Queens. I was born in Bangladesh but raised in Queens, New York. This is my second year at Youth Insights.

Some of my hobbies include drawing, dancing, and traveling. Archaeology interests me the most. I have been fascinated with old objects and artifacts for as long as I can remember. Art is also of great interest to me. Art gives something back to the people who look at it and gives the joy of self-expression to the people who make it.

It is very difficult for me to select the artists I like the most. Although I consider myself a "Renaissance girl," I find contemporary art amazing as well. Every artist has a unique style. But the two I adore are Duane Hanson and Edward Hopper.

At the Whitney, I have learned a lot about American art and about communicating with people of every background. Through Youth Insights, I have met people I would never have met if I hadn't joined this program. I have come across some wonderful people whom I will never forget.

I love to work with different age groups. It gives me insights into how and what people think. Working with young children is very refreshing because their perception of the artwork and the world in general is a lot different than those of grown-ups. By working with senior citizens, I have gained a lot of knowledge about the past. In some cases, while giving tours of artwork made in the early 1900s to senior citizens, I have come across people who have lived through the era. Their different interpretations of the art shows their knowledge of the past. I am looking forward to another great year of building an "intergenerational conversation" through Youth Insights.

Ten years from now, I would like to be a well-known archaeologist and own a small business of some sort. I would also like to visit countries with interesting archaeological sites and study the cultures.