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Hi, my name is Herminia (a.k.a. Mina). I'm a senior in high school in Queens. I was born in El Salvador and moved to Jamaica, New York in 1993 when I was ten.

I love reading Shakespeare, listening to pop music, learning more about technology, surfing the Internet, taking photographs, and writing entries in my journal. I take photographs and write for the yearbook committee in school, and I like playing volleyball. I love going to the movies and hanging out with my friends. I also enjoy working at the Queens Library Gallery and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Art is so beautiful because there are so many different interpretations of a single piece of work. It's a way to express your thoughts and feelings. It's interesting how much art relates to our history and how much we can learn by just looking at an artwork.

Being part of Youth Insights gives me an opportunity to interact with different age groups that have diverse cultures and backgrounds. It also helps me expand my horizons in American art and history. I like working with my peers, because we learn about each other's views and opinions. I don't have a favorite American artist yet; I enjoy pretty much all kinds of art and appreciate how each work brings our community closer together.

Next fall, I dream of attending New York University (NYU). I want to major in art history. After researching colleges, there is no doubt in my mind NYU is the right school for me. Viva la class 2001!