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My name is Deborah. I attend high school in Queens. My ethnic background is Serbian and Romanian.

My interest in Youth Insights began with my interest in art. Through the program, I have learned that there are dynamic meanings and symbols behind every art piece. Another thing I learned, was that every individual has a varied perspective on different works of art, and I know that I will gain something from each person that I meet.

One of my favorite interests is writing poetry. When I write, I am able to express my inner emotions. I liked the Barbara Kruger exhibition because she expresses her feelings and emotions in her artwork in a similar way. When observing Kruger's art, I can easily relate to what she is feeling.

Another favorite interest of mine is drawing different aspects of nature in pastels. These drawings let me look back on a piece of nature that captivated me. When I first observed Edward Steichen's beautiful artwork, I was inspired. His way of showing nature has helped me present my artistic view better.

Although I am interested in American art and creating artwork, I plan to major in pre-medical studies while attending college. Becoming a doctor has always been my dream and personal goal, but it's also a challenging task. Working with both kids and senior citizens at the Whitney has helped me understand humanity, and has allowed me to touch the lives of others. I hope that I will someday develop into a very well respected and passionate physician.