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My name is Crystal, and I am a first-generation Chinese American, born to Hong Kong immigrants. I have always lived in Flushing, Queens, where you can walk a mile and see only Asian faces. My high school is the squat gray building that has motivated me and made me curious in all my endeavors.

Art and literature have been my main passions, and swimming has helped balance my mind/body relationship. These offer escapes from anxieties, but at the same time, allow me to meditate on the complexities of everyday life. Through words or images, art has shown me the importance of baring one's soul.

For me, art is a window into another realm, a new experience allowing the senses and reason to unfold. The daily joy of seeing scenes and objects is almost a subconscious experience, but art accents this and brings it to a conscious level.

Youth Insights has taught me how to reach into the conscious mind and heighten my understanding of aesthetics, even when I step out of the museum. I have great access to the art world within a close-knit community. Older and younger generations can share and reveal things that may escape the trained eye. We are devoted to a common goal of learning about art, so lasting friendships are formed.

In three years, I see myself studying at a liberal arts college, pursuing the things that will define my future.