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Cheryl (n): Unique; me.

As an Asian raised in a predominately Jewish neighborhood, I always possessed an urge to break away from conformity. I wanted to be distinguished from other people, but I was alone in wanting to be dubbed "different." I possess a passion to be unique. Now, a senior in high school, I have harnessed my desire to imagine, to create, and to embrace new ideas.

Although I love analyzing art, I also enjoy black-and-white movies, photography, dancing, singing, writing, poetry, sketching, and fashion. I like all forms of art, from paintings to poetry, from dance to drama. What ties them all together is that they tell a story, though one's perception of a piece is unique to that person. But for me, all art is a great outlet.

I plan to major in fashion design, and I would love to have my own line in the future. I feel blessed to be associated with the Whitney and all that it represents. My experience here allows me to interact with a wide range of ages, and to gain a respect for the contrast in ideas among the them. Older as well as younger people bring a varied source of knowledge, experience, and fresh perspectives to a discussion. For me, the most significant aspect of working with Youth Insights is revealing the different backgrounds of those around us, as well as among ourselves.