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Hello, my name is Barbara. I currently attend high school in the boogie-down Bronx. I was born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx. My ethnic background is Puerto Rican. In my leisure time I like to listen to a variety of music, hang out with my friends, and draw. I also help autistic children do arts and crafts in a community center. At my school I take classes in fashion design, advertising, and computer graphics.

Art is a way of communicating to others. It's a form of expressing yourself without limits. I liked Barbara Kruger's piece Family. Her exhibition touched on issues that everyone ignores in our society.

I became interested in Youth Insights because I wanted to obtain knowledge about a variety of different cultures and acquire strong communications skills. I like working with older people because they are more experienced and have different views on things that are happening now. I like working with younger people too, because they also have a different perspective on art, and because they are so energetic.

In the next three years, I see myself enrolled in an art school getting my master's in computer graphics and advertising, or being in the Marines. In the Marines you have to be tough and willing to take on challenges. I like to explore, and most of all I like to take risks.