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Hello, my name is Azikiwe, I was born and live in Manhattan. I go to high school in Brooklyn. My mother is Black, and my father is Black/Native American.

In my spare time I enjoy art and music. I love to paint, draw, sculpt, collage, photograph, and I love art history and art criticism. Sharing artwork with other people is something special, because it is like sharing a piece of your soul. Music also holds a very special place in my life, because it makes me listen. When I'm listening to music, I put myself on hold, but when I'm busy drawing or painting, I am expressing myself, I am "talking" to the page, the canvas.

Youth Insights intrigues me because I have the chance to work with other people, and be there as they experience works of art. I try to help people get all they can out of a piece and come away with something beautiful. I like to watch them react in their own way to a work that didn't strike a chord in someone else.

I look forward to working with older people because it gives me a chance to see something through a set of eyes that has been around longer than me. I look forward to working with younger people because they are able to give me an unbiased opinion, and a purer point of view than mine.

Some of my favorite artists are Wassily Kandinsky, Claes Oldenburg, Franz Kline, and Egon Schiele. I like Kandinsky because his paintings feel like musical compositions. Oldenburg I like, because of the humorous qualities of his work. And I enjoy Kline because I can feel the emotion behind each one of his brushstrokes as if it were mine. Egon Schiele is one of the best draftsmen ever.

In three years, I see myself in a big loft somewhere in New York painting, writing, making music, teaching a class in art history, and curating an exhibition.