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My name is Steven. I was born and raised in Queens. Both my parents emigrated from Eastern Europe, and my siblings and I are first generation Serbian Americans.

I love photography, painting, writing poetry and short stories, swimming, and playing tennis. I love photography and painting because they let me share my individual views of the world in a creative and imaginative way. I like writing because it allows me to caress souls that would normally be out of my reach. Swimming and tennis allow me to challenge myself physically and help me manage my aggression.

I love art because it allows everyone to express a different view of the same world. I have always loved American history, and enjoy seeing how it has influenced American art.

Edward Hopper and Jasper Johns are my favorite American artists. Hopper evokes memories of my childhood and illusions of an imaginary "perfect" world. Johns's famous painting, Three Flags, evokes a feeling of intense patriotism and national creativity.