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My name is Stella. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and my parents are Haitian.

This is my second year participating in Youth Insights. I am working on becoming more of an advocate for my space and beliefs, and I'm looking forward to further developing my communication skills. Understanding the diversity in others and my own diversity is really important to me.

Art has many definitions for everybody. To me, art is the freedom to express oneself without harming others. To depict what reality is, even in an abstract or surreal form, shows some form of what the world looks like through the artists' eyes.

The elderly are so experienced with history, that when you give a talk on works of art created during their time period, they provide so much input on what they have seen and experienced. Younger people are bright and imaginative. They see things "grown-ups" don't see because they look at art in their own funny ways. Never underestimate a child's mind.

Edward Hopper is one of my many favorite artists. He is so much like me, because most of his paintings are the quiet, "just sit down and have a cup of tea" type of works.