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Hi, my name is Shahrina. I live in Queens.

My main interest is in archaeology. I have found old things like artifacts to be fascinating since I was a little girl. Someday, I hope to become an archaeologist and make a big discovery. I'm also very interested in knowing about the stars and galaxies. It is truly amazing how much we have yet to discover.

To me, works of art have an intense power all by themselves. An artist has the great power of turning the simplest materials into something that has a tremendous effect on its audience, both physically and emotionally. We express our deepest emotions through art, which can't be said with words. It also helps us identify who we really are inside.

I gain a lot of knowledge by working with older people because they have been around much longer than I have, and they provide important insights into how our future may be. Their point of view teaches me what life really has to offer.

By working with children, I can remind myself of how I thought when I was their age. I learn about patience, and have a unique opportunity to see the world through a child's eyes, a world full of colors and innocence.

I like Youth Insights because I have a special interest in the arts. I am learning to become a better speaker in front of a large crowd, which is helpful now and later on in my life.

My favorite American artists are Jackson Pollock and John Singer Sargent. I find Pollock interesting because he was expressing himself in an abstract way, while Sargent was drawing from what he saw around him with such great concentration.