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Hi, I'm Rita. I'm a high school sophomore. I was born and raised in Queens (yes, all fifteen years). I'm very Italian American.

When I'm not in school or at the Whitney, I'm watching sitcoms or listening to the radio. During the weekend, I like to go shopping with my friends. Even if I don't buy anything, I still have fun. I also like to draw (actually, it's more like doodling) and cook. I only draw when I'm bored or nervous. When I get the urge, I draw on everything from paper napkins to homework, and even myself.

I absolutely love art because there are so many possibilities. I'm not exactly a genius when it comes to facts, so art class was where everyone would say "Hmm . . . interesting." However, now I think there is a lot more behind art than a pretty picture. I love the thoughts and ideas that go behind the work, especially conceptual art.

I joined Youth Insights because I love art and I want others to enjoy it the way I do. Working with younger and older people gives me an opportunity to meet new people that have different perspectives on art. Older people give me their knowledge that I can hopefully share with younger audiences.