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My name is Nahid. I was born in Bangladesh, and I now live in Queens. My ethnic background is Bengali.

I like playing the flute. I love music, and the flute is one of my favorite instruments. I have been playing for a year. I also like playing tennis because it is a fun game, but sometimes I'm hindered by the weight of my racket.

The things I like about art are the colors, images, architecture, and paintings. Youth Insights is a really great and fun program. I am developing new interests and gaining new knowledge. I have always been into art. Participating in Youth Insights helps me develop my artistic side.

I like working with older people because I feel secure when I am around them. Also, they have more knowledge about life than I have. I like working with younger people, because it feels good when you know that they are listening to you, especially when they look up to you and consider you a role model.