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Hi, I am Kamira. I live in Brooklyn, but I was born in Nashville, Tennessee. I am African American.

My career interests are in law and criminal studies. I want to be able to study the minds of criminals, to understand why they do the things they do. I am also interested in art. I like the creativity involved in making art. I have to take time to think about "What is art?" and "Is what I'm doing artistic?"

I like Youth Insights because it helps me grow as a person. I am used to getting my way all the time, and Youth Insights allows me to interact and compromise with other people.

Working with older people is fun. Usually older people think they know everything, but yet they still want to know what you know. It's interesting to watch how we relate to each other. I like working with younger people because they want to know everything. But, sometimes, it's hard trying to explain things to them. So, it's usually a learning experience breaking complex information down for them.

Two of my favorite artists are Georgia O'Keeffe and Archibald Motley, Jr. I like O'Keeffe's techniques and style, and I like the characters in Motley's paintings.