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Hi, my name is Jennifer. I was born and raised in Jackson Heights, Queens and I am Bengali.

I like psychology because it gives a lot of insight into people's personalities and their actions. I have learned a lot about myself while taking psychology courses. I also like to watch old movies because the plot and acting make them great, rather than the special effects. My fascination with the past is another reason why I like to watch old movies.

I am interested in Youth Insights because I have never worked in a museum, and it gives me chance to learn more about art. What I like about art is that no one can be wrong. Art gives people a variety of ways to express themselves.

I like working with older people because they have experienced so much. I would love to know what life was like in the sixties and seventies, and only my elders have lived during those times. I like working with younger people because they are full of energy.