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My name is Eva, and I live in Queens. I was born in Bangladesh and I came to the United States when I was six.

I love playing tennis, swimming, and sketching. Tennis keeps me motivated and in shape, and swimming helps me relax. As for sketching, it provides an outlet for my feelings that might not surface otherwise.

I believe art is the only creation for which an individual can take credit. An artist captures inspiration and manifests it so that everyone can share the experience. The Youth Insights program offers a unique opportunity for a very diverse group of people to come together on a level plane—the world of art.

I think it is imperative to learn from the elderly as much as we can because they can provide insight into our future. I really appreciate the fresh perspective younger people can offer. There is a misconception that only children can be innocent, but from being around them, I realize that there is purity inside all of us.

I think Jackson Pollock's work is incredibly original. He was a true visionary. His work seems wild and sporadic, but actually involved careful planning. I would like to apply that concept as often as possible in my own life. I also adore Jonathan Meese. He recently became one of my favorite artists after I saw a piece of his at P.S. 1, an alternative exhibition space. The piece was an entire room inspired by a movie called A Clockwork Orange.