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I'm Emily and I am seventeen years old. I am a senior in high school. I live in Manhattan where I was born and raised.

My interests include painting and just hanging around in the East Village. In art, I like the variety of responses that people have to a painting or a photograph. People bring their own experiences to the artwork.

I am a second year Youth Insights participant, and I like it because I benefit from knowing how to communicate and compromise with people.

I enjoy working with older people because I like hearing what they have to say about the artwork. I like working with younger people because they have very vibrant minds and see things that older people don't necessarily see.

Some of my favorite American artists are Andy Warhol and Fred Tomaselli because I just like their different styles. I find their works to be crazy and vibrant.

I plan to attend college and explore new things in life. I am pretty much open to different things.