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Hi, my name is Danielle and I'm sixteen years old. I was born and raised in Queens. My ethnic background is Irish and African American.

I love reading books because they take me into another world and let me experience the characters' emotions. I also love painting and dancing. Painting allows my imagination to shine and be creative. I like art because it allows people to express their own views on certain subjects. Dancing is another way for me to express myself; I can let myself go, once I hear the music playing.

Youth Insights interests me because it's an experience in which I learn about art. Not only do I learn the artist's name and what type of painting they do, but also I discover what the artist is trying to say through their art. I am also beginning to understand how artwork relates to a certain time period, and how to research various artists. Youth Insights allows me to meet different types of people. Leading tours helps me get over my shyness, preparing me for a career in acting.

I like working with older people because I learn from their experiences and stories. I also like working with younger people because it keeps me motivated, and it is nice to know that what I say makes an impact on them.

Keith Haring is one of my favorite artists. His style is imaginative and creative. I also like Georgia O'Keeffe's style of painting and way of taking something simple, such as a flower, and elaborating on it. I like her use of color, the background, and her associations with the desert and flowers.