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My name is Charles (a.k.a. "Chucky"), I was born in Flatbush, Brooklyn. I am African American, and my family comes from the southern United States. Right now, I am interested in animation, film, and writing. I feel that I need to explore my creative talents. Art is more than just paint on a canvas. I feel that art is about people and the way we live and think in this world.

This is my third year participating in Youth Insights. So far, I have learned to overcome my fear of speaking in public and learned to work with others. I still enjoy the program because I have a lot to learn about life and those around me, and I believe Youth Insights can help me achieve that.

Working with older people is exciting because you learn how to communicate and develop a dialogue with people. Teenagers don't usually think about what they can learn from older people. Working with little kids is challenging. The task of having a conversation with a young child allows you to gain experience and become more aware of the people around you.

I like the artist Kara Walker. She was one of the first artists I saw at the Whitney Museum. I like her style of creating large silhouettes. Her choices and style of art are amazing.