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I was born in Chicago, but I have never considered myself a Chicagoan. I am Alison, a first generation Korean American. We moved to New York when I was two. Yeah, Chicagoans have a cool name for soda ("pop"), but I love being a New Yorker.

Literature and art history are two of the many things that stir my heart. My poetry has been in several publications, and I hope to publish a fiction piece in the near future. Realism particularly fascinates me because the artist copies life, three-dimensional and real, into an inanimate object, however, I am by no means limited to it.

I think literature and art both exist in the world to serve the same purpose: to inspire thoughts and emotions, whether it be with a mix of words or color, to create a perfect image. I think an artist of any time period or background makes his or her thoughts and visions into a physical manifestation.

Youth Insights provides me an opportunity to be surrounded by these artists. It gives me the chance to learn about contemporary artists, and then share that knowledge with many different communities. As an adult, I hope to work as a curator in a museum or similar institution urging all types of people to appreciate art. In the near future, I see myself studying at a liberal arts university, majoring in a humanities subject such as art history, English, or sociology.