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What’s up? My name is Wil. I’m eighteen years old and I go to Hillcrest High School in Queens. I was born in the northern part of Colombia and I was raised in the projects on West 90th Street. My family came to New York when I was two years old. I’m most interested in the arts and in sports. Both art and sports get me to focus and they both involve a whole lot of intensity. What I like about art the most is its expressions, emotions, and different meanings. I feel that art allows me to show my true identity—the one that is buried deep within me. Youth Insights helps me work towards realizing my potential and it also helps me with my self-control. It’s fun and comfortable working with an enjoyable and great bunch of my peers. I think I would like working with older people because they will help me prepare for my future by sharing their experience and accomplishments. I think I will like working with people my age or younger because it will give me more responsibility and chances to communicate.