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Hi, I’m Tanika and I attend Townsend Harris High School. I was born in Jamaica, West Indies and raised throughout New York City. My interests are in photography and politics. I love photography because it allows me to manipulate things with rigid structure. I love politics because I love to discuss issues and the hidden aspects of the art of politics. I love art because it allows everyone to express themselves without boundaries. My opinion is correct in all that I say. Art is the ultimate form of equality. Art gives you the ability to make something beautiful without it being restrained by others. I am interested in Youth Insights because I want to broaden my views and make myself more accessible to all fields of art and all types of people. Youth Insights will also give me the opportunity to decide if I wish to go into museum studies or graphic arts. I feel that older people know more about what has happened and have the ability to foresee what will happen. Older people have great fountains of knowledge to uncover. I enjoy working with children because their minds are so innocent. Children have hearts that are pure and judgments that are unbiased. I have realized that you can learn the most from people who seem to know the least.