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Hello, my name is Stella and I’m sixteen years old. I attend William E. Grady High School. I was born and raised in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn. I am interested in animals and nature. I am an animal lover. Another one of my interests is marketing which has to do with money. I am also interested in going out to parties (clubbing) when I have time. I’m a big clubber because I can be really free when I’m dancing. It’s kind of like my own art form. One thing I like about art is the way things are painted and the use of color. I like the people in the art world and the artistic look they have. I am mainly interested in Youth Insights because it’s a better and new experience for me. It helps me to get close to what I like, art, music, etc. I think I will like working with older people because they view art differently than young people. And, I think I will like working with younger people because it will give me the chance to meet new people. I think I’ll find their view on art interesting.