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Hi. My name is Rafael and I’m fifteen years old. I currently attend the High School of Art and Design. I was born in the Dominican Republic, but I was raised in New York City. I love to draw because it allows me to express how I feel inside. I also like playing video games. They contradict almost everything about school and it allows me to relax and have fun. What I like about art is that your interpretation of a certain piece of artwork may vary from someone else’s and it lets you create your own small world in which you control what’s happening. I’m interested in Youth Insights because I think it will help me gain professional experience as well as learn how to associate with different kinds of people. I think I’ll like working with older people because I will get a chance to learn more about what life was like at another time or even at the beginning of this century. Older people also have a lot of experience with many different things and their advice may help me through a problem. I think I’ll like working with younger people because it will allow me to remember what it was like to be a kid and how much I’ve changed.