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My name is Lucy and I’m seventeen years old. I’m a student at Townsend Harris High School in Queens. I was born in Korea and raised in the United States. My interests are art and psychology. Art because of the way it can grasp someone and psychology because it is allows you to explore the intricate workings of the human mind. What I like most about art is that it is colorful, expressive, and different from one work to another. It is unpredictable and always subject to new revelations. I’m really interested in Youth Insights because it concerns art. The program is interactive and gives very good opportunities for exposure to options and ideas that deal with different artists. Youth Insights is a very culturally enriching experience. I think I’ll like working with older people. Stereotypically speaking, older people are serious and have more experiences and they’re probably aware of a large range of possibilities for art. Younger people, I’ve realized are actually very creative. I think I’ll experience more surprises from them and have fun getting to know their imaginative thinking process. Both older and younger people have different perspectives according to their age and experience. Each with different benefits that offer a unique (irreplaceable) learning experience.