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My name is Lisa and I am eighteen years old. The name of my school is Long Island City High School. I live in Queens but I was raised all over New York City. The two things that are of most interest to me are drama and art. I love drama and art. I feel they have some kind of way of telling us who we are. Art is still and shows you life in still movement. Drama shows you art live and in real time. These two art forms tell me more about myself. What I like about art is the stories you get from a painting or a photograph. I can look at a painting or a photograph for hours and still never find all of its stories. I am interested in Youth Insights because I like to learn new things. I feel that Youth Insights will help me see and understand art more than I do now. I would like to work with older people so I can show them that there’s still fun in life. I’d like to show them that art can be more than just a painting, it’s a story. I also think I’ll like working with younger people because I will give them information and they will give me information. I feel they are fun to be with. Kids see art in all different kinds of ways. They also see the things most people miss.