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Hi! My name is Jinhee (pronounced Jeanee), and I am a student at Townsend Harris High School at Queens College. I was born in Kyungidoh, South Korea and raised in Queens, New York. What I like about art is the creativity of it. I like the freedom to create whatever I want, and it can still be considered a good piece. I admire the fashion industry because of the designers. They are able to create artistic masterpieces that can be worn on the body. I also like listening to Korean music, hip hop, and classical music. I’m interested in Youth Insights because it’s a great program to advance my knowledge of art, and to learn to become a better speaker to many different people. Working with older people would be an interesting experience because they probably know extra information about some things and can contribute to discussions with their years of experience and knowledge. Working with younger people will definitely be equally interesting and helpful because they are so inquisitive.