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Hi, I’m Eva. I’m sixteen and I go to Townsend Harris High School in Queens. I was born in Bangladesh and I came to the US when I was six. My family is from Afghanistan. I love music and playing tennis. Music makes me feel like I can do anything. As for tennis, it keeps me in shape, and healthy competition is good for the mind. I can’t explain how much I love art. Everything that can be said about art has been said already. All I know is that if I lost all my senses except my vision, and I looked at a beautiful painting, my world would still feel whole. Teaching people about art is a gift that should be shared. If what I say can make someone look at anything (whether it’s life or art) with a different perspective, I’m happy. I think I’ll like working with older people. They have done everything I plan to do. I think of them as my future. It’s so cool to think I’m teaching myself. On the other hand, younger people have these pristine ideals. To teach them something worthwhile really amazes me.