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Hi, my name is Edwin. I’m seventeen and I go to school at La Salle Academy in Manhattan. I was born and raised on the Lower East Side. What I like about art is the fact that it can resemble different things and emotions. I like everything that art can offer because you can expand it to whatever you want. I’m also interested in art because art represents the past up to the present. I’m also interested in music because singing makes me feel like I can show the world the real me. Youth Insights will give me the opportunity to teach adults and kids about all different types of art. What better way is there to communicate to diverse groups of people than through art? I think I will like working with older people because they have more experience and can give young people advice on how to improve themselves. I think I’ll like working with kids because they are young and ready to learn and interact with teens. As a teenager, I think of myself as a young adult that kids can look up to.