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Hi, my name is Mathyas. I’m seventeen years old and I’m a student at Fieldston High School. Although I was born and raised in the Bronx, my view of the world is much broader because of my travels. I am interested in dance and song writing. I like looking for the meaning behind pictures and I like coming up with a way for the observer to learn about the artist from his/her world. I am interested in the Youth Insights program because of the peer education aspect, more particularly the experience and the educational benefits that it offers. Because of this program, I’ve found a new interest in twentieth-century American art—an interest I didn’t know I had. I’m really glad I have this opportunity and I plan on making the most of it. I like working with older people for their stories and what can be learned from them. Their maturity and wisdom can help young people like myself see a different perspective or find a medium between the optimistic altruism of youth and the views of someone who has lived life. I am looking forward to working with young people because they bring an honest and innocent perspective into light. Often, adults are too wrapped up in everyday troubles and maturity to see the beauty that exists in everyday life. Little kids always surprise me. They have remarkable insight.