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Hi! I’m Jerome. I’m a fifteen year old African American male and I go to the Harvey Milk School in Manhattan. I was born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Flatbush, Brooklyn. I am interested in film and writing. I like art because it shows many feeling and emotions. When I look at some of the artwork at the Whitney, I think I can really understand what the artist was feeling or thinking when he or she made the work of art. I like how artists talk about what’s going on in the world only they don’t use words, they use other stuff like paint, wood, collage. . .Youth Insights is a way to learn about art and how to better communicate. I think I’ll like working with older people because they always have so much to say about everything. I have a lot to say too. I think that would be a pretty good conversation. Kids are funny. I think I could easily work with kids because I’m not that much older than them.