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Hi! I’m Eddie. I go to school at William E. Grady High School and I’m sixteen years old. I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Barbados. My interests are in songwriting, shopping, and fashion. I like art as a means of self-expression. I am interested in Youth Insights as a way to show kids from the ghetto about art. This program will broaden my horizons and build on my current skills. Youth Insights is going to expose me to new and different things and better my public speaking skills while working in a field that most teenagers don’ t get the chance to. I am learning to appreciate some of the greatest artists of all time. I feel like this is a chance for me to learn things I don’t learn in school. I feel that I will like working with older people because they have a lot of information to share. On the other hand I think it would be just as fun to work with children because I feel that there is a lot to learn from young people.