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Hello. My name is Charles. I’m fifteen and I attend the School for Legal Studies. I was born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn. I am interested in video games and comics. I like art because it’s like a fantasy of life. Art is emotions, feelings, and beauty placed in an art piece to make us think. It makes you slow down and think about what the particular work of art means to you. Youth Insights is a way to learn about art and culture and teach others about what I learn. I’m looking forward to working with older people because they are taken seriously. By working with them I think I will be taken seriously—this is my chance to be seen as an adult. I think I’ll like working with young people because it will be like teaching school. I will have to come up with a fun and clear way to answer their many questions and ideas. Working with art and children will be a challenge but I welcome the experience.