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Suzanne Bennett

Suzanne Bennett is a painter who works mainly with oil and mixed media. Suzanne has an MFA in painting from CUNY Brooklyn College, and has worked closely with artist Roni Horn for the past three years as her studio manager. During fall 2009, Suzanne explored the history of landscape painting with the YI Writers group, investigating how generations of artists have attempted to represent natural and man-made scenery in their work. She asked the teens to create their own daily journal consisting of notes, sketches, and collages to record and reflect upon ideas about the environments they experience on a daily basis. Suzanne led the students through the exhibition, Roni Horn aka Roni Horn, discussing the artist's work and considering alternative methods of landscape representation. Inspired by Suzanne's guidance throughout the semester, the teens worked together to compose a large-scale collaborative landscape of New York and beyond for their final project. Presenting an array of media including poetry, collage, photography, drawing, and painting, the works by the students stand as independent works of art, but can simultaneously be viewed as one large landscape composed of interwoven pieces.