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Nina Berman

2010 Biennial artist Nina Berman is a photojournalist whose work grapples with the issue of contemporary warfare in America. Her contribution to this year's Biennial is a series of photographs entitled Marine Wedding. The photos intimately portray moments in the life of Ty Ziegel, a former Marine sergeant who was badly injured in a suicide bombing in Iraq. With her camera, Nina captured Ziegel’s adjustment to life after returning home from war. Investigating the consequences of war with a different audience, Nina asked teens in Youth Insights to consider how war impacts their daily lives. Growing up during a time of international conflict in a city that experienced a devastating terrorist attack, the teens contemplated their relationships to war, making connections between their lives and a greater political and social atmosphere. With Nina’s guidance, YI teens examined how different artists have interpreted and responded to war throughout history. Inspired by what they learned, the teens created Interpreting Warwhere they had the opportunity to communicate their own perceptions of war through image and text.