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LaToya Ruby Frazier

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s photographs are comprised of three bodies of work that revolve around her hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania. The Notion of Family, (2002-), perhaps Frazier’s best-known work to date, is an ongoing series of black-and-white photographs documenting the artist’s family, one of the many families that have borne the brunt of the town’s social, economic, and environmental decline. YI Artists worked with Frazier to create photographs that documented their changing neighborhoods, selves, and a variety of public spaces in New York City. They examined the effects of advertising on society and the ways that individuals make every day choices. Teens also watched and discussed excerpts from the documentaries Century of the Self and the British series 7 UP to further understand the links between propaganda, advertising, and the ways in which social class affect an individual’s future. 

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