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K8 Hardy

K8 Hardy’s work draws on the tropes of fashion advertising, combining some of its most recognizable modes–product close-ups, meticulous styling and staging, eye-catching colors–into an abstraction of the genre. Rather than simply poking fun at fashion and its commercialization, Hardy complicates our learned response to the conventions of advertising. Spring 2012 YI Writers worked with Hardy to explore the relationship between visual art and text through the creation of artist books and zines. They created a wide range of alter egos that they explored through collages, photographs and finally a zine. The teens got to know Hardy’s work and heard her perspective on the work of other Biennial 2012 artists whom she knows personally and professionally–Nicole Eisenman, Liz Deschenes, John Kelsey, and Oscar Tuazon. Participants were excited to attend the fashion show that Hardy hosted on May 20 as part of the Biennial exhibition. 

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