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Dawn Clements

Dawn Clements creates large-scale drawings that depict interior domestic spaces, either her own surroundings or those in classic 1940s and 1950s Hollywood melodramas. She is especially interested in the idea of the home as a place of both comfort and confinement.

While working with Clements,YI Writers explored and analyzed the way that art can depict both literal and psychological space, as well as the ways that visual art can present narratives even without the presence of text. The teens moved between writing, critical discussion, and a studio art project in which they drew the details of an interior space from their own shifting perspective.  Inspired by a visit to Clements’ Greenpoint studio and a wealth of quotes from Flannery O’Connor, YI Writers explored what it means to successfully convince a reader or a viewer. Over several weeks students worked with Clements to capture the details and fluid magic of everyday objects in an art classroom. Working on  large paper, Writers created drawings in Sumi ink that swept with their perspective from the floor, to their own bodies, and sometimes across the ceiling.