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Corey Mc Corkle

Using ideas based on the SHERRIE LEVINE: MAYHEM exhibition, which was concurrently on view, as well as mid-twentieth-century art movements as entry points, teens worked with Corey McCorkle to create works that examined themes of originality, appropriation, temporality, and site-specificity in relation to visual art. McCorkle’s own work incorporates sculpture, architecture, installation, and traditional documentary film-making techniques. His practice responds to and acts on its environment and he will often create objects or site specific installations within exhibition galleries and public spaces.

McCorkle asked YI Artists to propose a new location, configuration, and purpose for an eighty-two year-old bridge in Perry County, Kentucky that had recently been deemed “functionally obsolete.” YI Artists created drawings, schematics, water-colors, and writing to support their ideas which included using the bridge as an outdoor park and exhibition space and turning the raw steel of the bridge into large-scale public sculpture.

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