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Cameron Crawford

Cameron Crawford’s studio practice encompasses sculpture, installation, writing, and artist books. His works often explore situations he determines to be philosophical paradoxes and the tenuous relationship between language and visual art.

Working with Youth Insights Writers, Crawford created a series of prompts that asked them to look at and respond to works on view in the exhibitions As Apple Pie, Signs and Symbols, and Wade Guyton: OS. Prompts included writing about a work of art with only “text speak”—the abbreviations and acronyms we normally use while texting; picking a work of art that you don’t like and writing about it or how you would change it; creating a list of favorites; and making a work of art based on a list of words that you like. For their final project, YI Writers created short scripts and videos that used works of art as characters conversing in a film or that outlined what their ideal museum would be. The only parameter they were given was that no live actors could be seen onscreen.