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Beth Campbell

Beth Campbell’s work investigates notions of the everyday made strange and unfamiliar by the artist’s hand. Campbell positions her installations, videos, sculptures, and drawings in close relation to her own subjective view. Complicating what appears at first glance to be a facsimile of life is the artist’s masterful ability to confound any expectation.

Youth Insights Artists were inspired by an ongoing series of Campbell's drawings titled My Potential Future Based on Present Circumstances. After viewing and discussing her work, YI Artists began to examine their own ideas about the future using a variety of materials, including watercolor, wire, wood, glass tiles, drawing media, and found objects. For their final project, Youth Insights Artists selected personal objects which they were willing to part with and have parted. YI Artists sliced and reconfigured their objects into unusual hybrids and installations that truly question our expectations of the familiar.

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