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Aki Sasamoto

2010 Biennial artist Aki Sasamoto creates performances and installations that examine the unexpected details of everyday life. Strange Attractors, her contribution to 2010, the Whitney Biennial, is a combination of installation, sculpture, and performance. Inspired by mathematic structures and the possibility of eating doughnuts from the inside out, Aki filled the space with a variety of altered found objects and activated it with her improvisational performances. Thinking about her own life and the objects in it, her work is an immediate and direct reflection of whatever is on her mind at the moment. Aki asked teens in Youth Insights to explore artistic expression as movement and action in different kinds of spaces. Stepping into unfamiliar territory, YI explored the world of performance art, researching artists such as Joseph Beuys and Vito Acconci, and engaging with new works by Tino Seghal and Marina Abramovic. Aki also guided the teens in Authentic Movement, a Jungian exercise focused on the body’s exploration of space. With a better understanding of performance art, YI teens began experimenting with performance, found objects, and video. For The Authenticity Project, YI teens created works that were as unique and different as the materials they used, reflecting their own artistic journeys toward self-expression.