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What is one new thing you have learned recently?
October 30, 2013


I am learning Spanish and finding it's not the same "Romance language" as French and Italian which I already studied. The syntax is not exactly the same, they don't conjugate with an auxiliary verb like the French! I have to unlearn everything else to learn Spanish!

Pearl L. Flag
December 20, 2013

I've learned the art of waiting for answers. Often I tend to nervously re-word a question if students do not automatically answer. Letting that awkward silence exist creates an open space for multiple perspectives in classroom discussion (even if it does make me sweat a little)!

Meredith M. Flag
December 04, 2013

I learned about the concept of holding back information about artwork when showing it to children. I used to think it was important to give the title, interesting information about the artist, time period, etc to make art more relatable to the kids. At the Connecting Collections program this summer the idea of only giving really relevant information was modeled for us. Since then, I've been letting the kids have a more personal (less 'informational') experience with the artwork--letting them have the discovery, lead the conversation, and respond in their own way. In the spirit of a game we played in the gallery, I imagine that I have a pocket full of information about the artwork, and I only pull something out if it seems like it will directly enhance the conversation.

Robin L. Flag
December 03, 2013

I recently learned how to teach young children color mixing by using different colors of modeling clay placed upon a small cardboard square. You place the colors next to one another and then use your thumb to spread the colors out. Then you use your thumb to mix the colors together!

Heather M. Flag
December 03, 2013