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What do you enjoy most about teaching? Why?
October 30, 2013


My school is very diversified, we have all kinds of everyone! I love teaching visual culture to the kids who come from that country and other kids learning about their friends' cultures. For so many immigrant kids, the art room is there only success for the week. Learning about their own culture is extremely important and it makes them feel proud of who they are. I love learning about other cultures and their art. I've always been an art history geek.

Pearl L. Flag
December 20, 2013

When a student has a new perspective on a work of art or topic that I hadn't even considered. While I'm rewarded by the milestones students make, I'm also rewarded by the things they teach me!

Meredith M. Flag
December 04, 2013

Working with students, watching them understand the world around them over time and become inspired by art :-)

Dina H. Flag
December 03, 2013