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Which Whitney activities have you tried in your classroom?
October 11, 2013


Two that were very successful especially for my ICT classes and SP Ed classes; 1. Seeing a work of art then writing down a one word description and passing it on to the next student. Not only does it get them all contributing but it takes the pressure off to have your response singled out. We have a lot of fun with this and we all discuss later the words that were chosen. I try to find synonyms and we rewrote the "poem". We are urged to increase vocab (always a good thing). 2. Taking an image of a piece of art and gluing it into a three panel "cartoon strip". Students really have to think about what would happen next, or what happened previously. This is a strategy they are used to using when reading text. The image gets them thinking faster, after all, isn't a picture a thousand words?

Pearl L. Flag
December 20, 2013

all of them of course!

Elyse M. Flag
October 23, 2013