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Teacher Exchange

In this year-long paid program, Museum educators and teachers from various disciplines learn from one another and exchange ideas about art and teaching. The monthly meetings take place on a day when the Museum is closed to the public. In the galleries, teachers engage in conversations with like-minded colleagues and work with each other to brainstorm ideas for curricular connections. They also have the opportunity to hear from curators, meet with artists, and make some art!

2008-2009 Teacher Exchange. Photograph by Liz Gillroy
2009-2010 Teacher Exchange participants look at work by 2010 Biennial artist Dawn Clements. Photograph by Liz Gillroy
2010-11 Teacher Exchange participants in the galleries. Photograph by Liz Gillroy
2010-11 Teacher Exchange participants discuss Untitled 1961 (1961) by Lee Bpontecou. Photograph by Liz Gillroy
2011-12 Teacher Exchange participants engage in a role play exercise. Photograph by Erika Pekar
2011-12 Teacher Exchange participants do a drawing activity. Photograph by Erika Pekar
2012-13 Teacher Exchange participants look at Hudson River Landscape (1951) by David Smith. Photograph by Liz Gillroy
2012-13 Teacher Exchange participants explore different art materials, February 2013. Photograph by Ai Wee Seow
2013-14 Teacher Exchange participants in the galleries with 2014 Biennial artist Keith Mayerson. Photograph by Filip Wolak

One of the participants said: “This program offered an opportunity for me to consider and incorporate some new strategies, information, and artwork into my classroom. It helped me hear how other teachers were thinking of using visual art in their classroom in other subject areas. It also made me more familiar with the Museum’s collection and comfortable taking my class here for a tour.”

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