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Lorna Simpson

2 Tracks


look closer

Describe what you see in this work.

Why do you think the artist chose to show this woman’s back? 

Do you think the braids (on the sides of the main picture) belong to her? Why or why not? 

How might the words “BACK” and “TRACK” relate to the photograph? 

If this woman could turn around and speak to you, what do you think she might say?

What would you say to her? 

Lorna Simpson, 2 Tracks, 1990  91.59.4a-e
Lorna Simpson, 2 Tracks, 1990. Three gelatin silver prints and two plastic plaques, 48 7/8 × 62 9/16 × 1 11/16 in. (124.1 × 158.9 × 4.3 cm) overall. Edition no. 4/4. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; gift of Raymond J. Learsy and Gabriella De Ferrari  91.59.4a-e For Teachers
© Lorna Simpson