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These activities focus on works of art in the Whitney’s collection and special exhibitions. Through discussion, research, art making, and writing activities, we hope to encourage close looking, foster conversation between students, and connect artwork to classroom learning. Learn about our four artist-centered themes.

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Experiment with objects and mirrors

For  his Inflatables series, Jeff Koons took ordinary store-bought objects such as inflatable rabbits and flowers and displayed them with mirrored tiles. Koons was inspired by seeing how the allure of ordinary objects is heightened by the conventions of store displays. Give small groups of students a set of objects (sponges, toy inflatables, fake flowers) and at least two mirrors.  How can students use the mirrors to make the object(s) appear larger?  How can they use the mirrors to multiply the objects?  Ask students to arrange the objects and mirrors, then sketch the reflection they see in the mirror. 

Jeff Koons, Inflatable Flower and Bunny (Tall White, Pink Bunny), 1979. Vinyl and mirrors; 32 × 25 × 19 in. (81.3 × 63.5 × 48.3 cm). The Broad Art Foundation, Santa Monica. © Jeff Koons